Monday, July 23, 2012

William 2 month appointment and poop

So today was the big 2 month appointment - everything looks great. He's growing well (now 9lbs 5 oz 22 inches and head is 15.5 inches) He got his vaccines (2 combo shots and an oral rotavirus vaccine) Had an issue with excessive bleeding from one of the shots . It turned out to be no biggie - a little pressure stopped it - but we totally freaked at the time. Those needles are friggin' huge! I was sure they'd done something awful to my poor baby . Figures - third one and I still freak out over stuff.

In poop news we are seeing yellow seedy poops finally but still getting green ones too. I'm keeping a food diary but I'm also watching my match technique and block feeding on case it's an over supply issue. Dairy allergies and over supply have annoyingly similar symptoms.

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