Monday, July 16, 2012

TMI: The Poop on Poop

7 weeks.  That's how hold our newest little guy is - when, I ask, did that happen!?!?!  I'm pretty sure i just brought him home from the hospital last week. 

Ah well.

Today we embark on a new adventure in parenting - this morning when I changed William's diaper, I notice some small streaks of blood.  Yikes!  After a frantic search on Google, it seems that a) this isn't as scary as it sounds and b) it's probably a food allergy.  To which I say all manner of bad words followed by a deep sigh followed by resignation that I will be cutting out dairy for the next 3 weeks to see if that is what the problem is.  Now, for anyone who thinks I'm jumping the gun on this one, just a quick background - he's had green mucousy poops since he stopped having meconium diapers (the dr. assured us this was ok, as I was a bit suspicious already) which have gotten stinkier in the last week. And yesterday I had rather a lot of dairy (more than usual).  So, lots of indicators to suggest I ought to try this rather irksome diet change.  We shall see!  On the upside, I'll probably lose weight even faster :)

It seems that boys have the poop weirdness down to an art.  Zoe, no worries.  But you may recall JJ and his 14-days-between-poops-OMG-what's-wrong episodes.  Nothing like a LACK of poop to freak you out.  Now this one poops almost constantly and now it's turning interesting colors.  Sigh...

So, I'll keep you posted.  Maybe with pictures (I know it sounds ewwww but, you know, I wish someone had put pictures out there for me to see what's normal.  Don't look at it if you don't want to see it - I won't blame you :))

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