Sunday, August 19, 2007

Week 15, Cruisin'

Starting into week 15, which means 2nd trimester. Hooray! Risk of miscarriage at this point is much lower, but, as previous experience tells me, not impossible.

We've started letting people know, which is good because I'm starting to "show" - God bless the bellaband! I still have nausea occasionally and am hungry a bit more often. And it's exceptionally hard to sleep at night - muscle aches, need to urinate, and difficulty in getting comfortable - but I find that if I work out, that gets better.

Currently I'm renting FitMamma as a workout DVD. Not bad, but fairly repetitive - if you didn't work out much before you got pregnant, it'd probably be a good starting point. Even then, I'd recommend it as a rental, but not a purchase - you'll get bored. I like the Perfect Pregnancy workout better - it's more interesting and more challenging (especially good if you were working out before pregnancy). I should have regained my breath/endurance enough by next week to start using it again. I don't want to push too hard, but I also don't want to be a couch root vegetable!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Week 13, More Pictures and maybe gender...

We went in yesterday (13 weeks) for our first trimester screening. I spent the weekend before going in practically biting my fingers off I was so worried and nervous. So far everything looks great. The nuchal translucency measurement was good (2.1) and the ultrasound didn't show any structural issues at this point. We got to see little hands and little feet - the baby was bouncing around, rubbing it's little head and jumping a lot. It is an indescribable thrill to see this little person inside you who is part of you and a part from you at the same time (bonus: we didn't have to use the vaginal ultrsound - he was able to see everything with a regular belly ultrasound). Now, Dr. Albert, the ultrasound doc, has a reputation for being able to guess the gender of a baby very early on and has, believe it or not, NEVER BEEN WRONG. Pretty cool, eh? He was absoltely right for our first baby (the one that died during the miscarriage) being a boy. And he said that, while he couldn't be 100% sure, he guessed this one was a boy. He said he'd probably be able to confirm that when we come back at the 18th week for our subsequent test and scan.

Interesting piece of information - the AMA has changed it's recommendations as of this year on who should get screenings done to include everyone, not just women over 35 or those at risk for chromosonal issues. I found this very interesting (I couldn't find a link, but it was a fairly long announcement that I had to read and sign at the dr's office). Worth pondering the reasons behind that for a few minutes.

After the screening, we had our 13 week visit with my gynecologist, Dr. Paroski. She's the best. We talked to her about my symptoms (cramping, hands falling asleep, pain in my hips, excessive discharge) and were relieved to find out they were all normal. Whew! She said we'll schedule my C-section for week 38, so that means I need to pick a date in the first week of February. I'm thinking February 7th might be good since it's Chinese New Year. She did say I need to take it easy and not over do. So far the exercise I've been doing is fine, she just wants me to be cautious.

Now, my last day to take the progesterone was Sunday. Everything was hunky dorey when we got home and went to bed. Until...about 3am, I woke up and could not get back to sleep. I was so depresed, I just started crying. John woke up and held me and we talked about things. All I could think about was our first baby - I felt the grief of that loss hit me like it did when it happened, all fresh, raw, and hard. Finally, after a long time, we were able to get back to sleep. I decided to work from home today because I just couldn't bear to deal with other people. The whole idea of being around others was awful, repugnant, harrowing. And it's a good thing I did. Around 2pm, I started crying again, for no discernible reason, horrible, racking sobs. I IM'ed John to let him know (not expecting him to do anything, just an FYI so he can help me track these things) and he suggested it might be the progesterone crash. I had't thought of that, but it makes perfect sense. One of the contributors to post-partum depression is a sudden drop in progesterone levels - at least according to some sources. Seems the jury is still out on that one.