Thursday, February 8, 2007


Ugh! Well that was totally unpleasant! I had my HSG (hysterosalpingography today. For those that don't know what this procedure involves, it goes like this:

You lie on your back in the usual crap-I've-got-another-gynecological-exam position. The Dr. cleans your cervix with iodine then inserts a small needle with a balloon behind it into your cervix. They inflate the balloon to make a seal, then inject dye into your uterus while taking Xrays of your abdomin. The dye will fill the uterus then move into the fallopian tubes. In this way, they can see if you have any blockages, fibroids, etc. The technique has the added benefit of "cleaning the pipes" - that is, removing any mucuous build-up that might be in the tubes. It can be fairly uncomfortable - the first time I had it done was not too bad, but this time was downright unpleasant.

Results this time were not exactly what I'd hoped for. The uterus appears to be healed nicely, but my left fallopian tube would not show up on the Xray. The dr. said it could be "spasming" - although, exactly what that means was a bit of a mystery. The upshot being, that if I do not get pregnant in the next couple of months, they'll want to do it again. Ugh!