Friday, September 24, 2010

Houston, we have teeth

Two, to be precise. Miss Zoe is now the proud owner of 2 teeth (on the bottom). And Uncle Charles and Pappy were here to see them too! Well done Zoe!

Friday, September 3, 2010

House of snot

Good morning! Welcome to the house of snot.
Apparently, the weather has cause some allergen to bloom with a vengeance.

John's nose is stuffy.

JJ's nose is stuffy.

Zoe's nose is stuffy.

I can breathe with no problems, but I'm grumpy because I've gotten like 2 hours of sleep in the last couple of days because the rest of the household is up all night with stuffed noses and when they're not up, they're snoring so loud I don't know why the neighbors haven't called to ask why we're running a buzz saw in the middle of the night. I'm waiting for the USGS to contact me with a concerns over local seismic activity.

I hope everyone dries up before I have a psychotic break. I'm not exactly sure what a psychotic break involves, but I'm given to understand it happens when you don't get enough sleep over a prolonged time period and it sounds unpleasant.