Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The law of conservation does not apply to babies

It's true.  The law of conservation states that in a closed system, mass will be conserved.  It might be converted to a different form (like energy) but it doesn't magically disappear or appear.  This, however, does NOT pertain to babies. Examples:

Sleep Volume - a small baby, that fits comfortably in his tiny bassinet with room to spare will take up 5 times as much space when placed in a bed with his parents.  

Liquid Mass - regardless of how much liquid intake an infant has, his output - be it in the form of drool, pee, or spit up - will be easily twice what was consumed.  

I'm reasonably certain that babies some how tap into extradimensional spaces, perhaps via a worm hole.  It must be something we forget how to do as we get older ...

Caption that picture!!

How would you caption this picture?

Suggestions so far:
“What do you mean, ‘bring it over here’? It was hard enough to get this far. I can’t even walk yet, y’know.”

The headline reads -- The Colossus of Rhodes exhibition comes to the North Texas area.

“Run and play games…You amuse me my loyal subjects”

As the anesthesia wore off, JJ realized the pumpkin for feet transplant was bound to be his best genius scheme yet.

Witnesses were unclear what started the fracas. But a picture was snapped of one of the hooligans shouting and gesturing his defiance before the fruit hurling began.

Helped from the ground, JJ protested the “sucker punch”.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cream peas...hmmm

We got some lovely cream peas at the Farmer's Market yesterday and John made some of them into baby food for JJ.  He wasn't exactly enthusiastic, but he didn't hate them either, so I'm considering that a "win."  We want to get more fats and protiens in his solids diet so we can transition him completely off of formula so he's only on breast milk and solids.  As it is, he get about 8-16oz of formula a day in addition to all the breast milk I can pump (when I'm working) plus nursing.  It's been a real struggle to keep his weight gain up - he seems to need more fat than he's getting from the breastmilk.  I suspect the issue is that I'm working - as a result, there are at least 3 days a week we're not working on keeping the production levels high, and the pumping doesn't do a great job of draining the good fats, unless I have him nurse first.  Who knew breastfeeding was such a tricky process?!?!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Farmer's Market

So if there was any doubt *who* the folks at the Farmer's Market really like, it was put to rest today.  We got there and JJ had fallen asleep in the car.  As we start making the rounds people are all excited to see us until we get up.  They're like "Oh.  JJ's asleep, huh? Well, if he wakes up you'll bring him back by here won't you?"  Mr. Popularity!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Ok, teeth and nursing, not such a good combo.  He's got two little sharp teeth on the bottom and today while nursing he decided that *chewing* would be fun. Ack!  I pulled away immediately and said "no!" firmly and turned away from him.  There was this utter shocked silence for a minute or two, then he started babbling away.  Let's hope he got the idea - that really smarted!