Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zoe Stats and Pictures

7lbs 11.2 oz
20 inches
Born 12/21/09 @ 7:59am

Zoe Elizabeth birth story

We arrived at the hospital at o dark thirty in the morning, deciding they must schedule c-sections so early to prepare you for the sleep deprivation to come. After surrendering my worldly possessions and signing many papers agreeing to hold no one responsible for anything, I dressed in the fashion dujour - a stunning open backed gown with comfortingly neutral tones - and awaited the main event. My anesthetist, sporting an incongruously bright hospital hat replete with multicolored cats, administered the combination spinal and epidural, and as I lost all feeling in my legs I knew we were on the way to meeting our latest addition.

The incision, accompanied by the usual burning smell from the cauterizer, seemed to take forever, as I waited on pins and needles to hear that first little cry. The room erupted in laughter as my doctor opened the uterus and Zoe promptly stuck her hand out (looking for credit cards already, quipped the assistant). A minute later she was out and filling the air with a healthy bawl. As they were almost done sewing me back up and I was drifting in and out of a drug-induced haze, I could hear them counting the equipment - and they were missing some forceps. They ended up being in the asst. surgeon's pocket - ha ha (not!)

They brought Zoe to me in recovery and she latched on right away like a champ. Since I am still nursing JJ, she got milk right away. Everyone was amazed at how quickly she latched on and how long she ate (45 minutes!!) My little chow hound :)

Back in my room, JJ was completely unhappy that Mommy was in bed and couldn't get up. The 2nd day was a bit worse - he came in while I was nursing Zoe and started freaking out (No! Mine!) However, the 3rd day, I was nursing him and they brought Zoe in hungry. I asked him if it was OK if Zoe had some milk too and he said OK. So I put Zoe on the other breast. After a while, he straightened up and leaned over to watch her eat. Pointing at her, he says "Zozo, milk?" "Yes, Zoe is having some milk." he points at my other breast and then at himself "JJ, milk?" "Yes, you get milk too." This huge grin spread over his face and he clapped his hands together and almost shouted "Same!" then went back to nursing. Now, when they nurse together, he'll reach over and hold her hand while they're both on. It is heartbreakingly sweet. He calls her Zozo and corrects people when they call her Zoe.

Overall, I've recovered much much more quickly than last time, have had less pain, have been less drugged out/loopy, and feel able to do a lot more than I should. On the downside, I've come down with an ear infection and am back on antibiotics :( Zoe lost about 10 oz while in the hospital and had started gaining back weight before we left on Christmas eve (in a snow storm of all things!) By her appointment on Monday, she'd gained back nearly all her weight - she's only 1 oz shy of her birth weight now.

Welcome to the world Miss Zozo :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Weight and sick

Weigh in today: 215lb. That's a total gain of 25lbs for this pregnancy, and just exactly where I want to be. Hooray!

Unfortunately, I am fighting a really bad cold. Lost my voice on Wednesday. They started me on antibiotics on Tuesday (a z-pak, so they are serious). Bad bad cough today. And contractions off and on all week. The contractions seem to be getting more frequent, even though I'm not doing anything to start them up (like, I'll have them while lying down in bed, drinking water). So far, nothing regular, but it's scary when I think of the dr. telling me I "better not go into labor because the scars from the myomectomy might not hold." Yikes!!!

Zoe, girl, you can make an appearance any time...but it would be sweet of you if you waited until Monday :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Circumfrence update

47 3/8" - 10 days to go. Last time I was only 46" around. This little girl is going to be BIG!

Of course, I managed to come down with pink eye, of all the annoying things. JJ had it last week - I thought I was in the clear. Guess I've been burning the candle at both ends...