Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Zoe!

So, in honor of her birthday, we took Miss Zoe's to get her picture taken. And, keeping with tradition (is it a tradition if you've only ever done it once?) we got a cheap Kroger birthday cake for her to smear all over herself for the pictures. Or, rather, not. We set her down in front of the cake with only her little pink diaper on. She leans forward. Interested. Interested. Very interested. She puts one chubby little hand in the cake, pulls back, looks at the icing covering her fingers in horror and immediately starts trying to wipe it off, crying her eyes out.

So - pristine photos.

That night, we had a few friends over for birthday dinner and a red velvet bakery cake from The Velvet Bake Shop (located in Plano, totally totally awesome!). I'm thinking "OK, well, we'll take a quick shot of her with her slice of cake, then I'll eat it since she doesn't like cake." I get the shot, leave the room to put down the camera, come back and she is totally going to town on the cake! Loved it and ate every last crumb. Well, every last crumb that wasn't adorning some part of her body anyway. It was a very red-velvety bath that night.

So - I am left to conclude that Zoe just doesn't like cheap cake. That's my foodie girl :)