Friday, July 20, 2012

What's in a name?

This is the story of how William got his (many) names.

When I was pregnant, we talked a lot, as a family, about what we would name the new baby.  We had a long list and everyone had their favorites.  Zoe thought we should name the new baby Isaac.  John thought we should name him Joshua.  And the debate went on.  Other names on the list were William, Nicholas, Erik, and Gregor.  We knew we wanted the middle name of Matson since that was my maiden name.  

When the big day came, we had pretty much decided on Joshua Isaac Matson Baker.  But then when our sweet baby was born and we saw him for the first time, Daddy John said "He's not a Joshua - I think he's a William!"  Our new baby just didn't "look" like a Joshua!  So we spent another day debating names, finally settling on William Nicholas Matson Baker.

Meanwhile, Aunt Sharon was talking to her boys, Benjamin and Samuel, about the new baby's name.  Samuel thought we should name him something short and easy.  "Like Snake!" he suggested.  When he found out  the new baby's full name, he decided he would call him "Nicky."

When Grandma and Oompa visited with the rest of the Matson clan and told them this story, Aunt Judy and Uncle Art suggested we start calling the baby "Nicky the Snake" Baker and get him a tattoo before he starts kindergarten to complete the tough guy image.

At home, John and Zoe are thrilled with their new sibling.  So much so, that they call him "THE baby brother."  As in "Can I hold THE baby brother?" "THE baby brother is crying!" "I love THE baby brother!"

By any name, William, Nicholas Matson Baker aka Nicky the Snake, aka THE Baby Brother is much loved by all.

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