Monday, July 19, 2010

Zummer Klaus

Last year we held our first Christmas in July which was a BIG hit, so we decided to make it a family tradition and do it again this year. Since we're still feeling our way through what this holiday should be like, we made a few additions this year:
  • We decided that the message for the kids would be that we wanted to remember that God gives us gifts every day not just once a year at Christmas, so this was a holiday to help us remember and be thankful for those gifts.
  • We decided that Santa Claus has a summer counter part - Zummer Klaus - and that he brings 1 present for the Summer Christmas.
  • We decided that Zummer Klaus put presents by your shoes, instead of a stocking.
I told JJ about Zummer Klaus then told him "but I don't know what he looks like or how he gets around. Do you know?" He said he did! So, here's the specs on Zummer Klaus according to JJ:
  • Size: Large. Specifically tall and fat.
  • Hair: Orange. And all over his body. (very hairy)
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Mode of dress: Flip flops and red shorts. Nothing else.
  • Mode of transportation: A magic airplane
  • How he gets into your house: Through the bathtub faucet.
  • Where does he live: In a swimming pool
I never would've known that Zummer Klaus was a large hairy carrot top dressed in red shorts and flip flops lazing around the pool, with the ability to travel through water pipes. Good thing JJ was in the know - we put out shoes out by the bath tub and wouldn't you know it? He found them just fine (and without tracking water all over the house) ;)

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