Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can't Live Without It: Trixie Tracker

Product: Trixie Tracker (

What is it: A website service that lets you record data about your child and detect patterns in that data over time. For example, you can record sleep times and use it to see patterns in sleep (so you know the best time to put them down for a nap, try to schedule a hair appt, etc.)
The creator, Ben MacNeill, uses the phrase "Data Driven Parenting" to describe the use of Trixie Tracker. It describes our exact approach to child rearing - that is, observe the child, look for patterns in behavior, then use that information to minimize conflict and maximize enjoyment for everyone (parents included). This program has really given me peace of mind: from knowing when the optimal time to put my daughter down for a nap is to being able to detect an ear infection before it even shows up (because we had a big nursing spike).

Cost: $8/month, $14.95/3 months, $24.95/6months

Why I Can't Live Without It: When you are sleep deprived and can't even remember if *you* had a shower this morning, let alone when you last changed a diaper, this tool is a lifesaver. And when you start tearing your hair out because you swear that the child is napping less and less, this tool can tell you whether that's true or just low blood sugar talking. And when the dr. asks you "so, how long is the baby sleeping/nursing? and how many diapers does the baby go through every day?" you can smugly tell them the answer (with graphs if you like!).

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