Monday, July 26, 2010

Cashmere and Water Babies

This weekend we got a chance to visit our good friends, Joanie and Mark (well, Mark had to work, so we got to visit Joanie), who have both a salt water pool and a horse - aka, toddler and baby heaven. JJ was completely entranced by Cashmere, their beautiful mare, who permitted JJ to pet her nose and give her carrots. He has now renamed his toy horse from Coco to Cashmere and spent the next day feeding carrots to it. He also insisted on taking it to bed (a high honor, previously only afforded to his beanie baby alligator and Siamese cat).

Zoe on the other hand was all about the pool. When JJ was her age (7 months) we took him to visit Joanie and Mark and took him out in the pool and he FREAKED. Zoe however was apparently born to water. She thought it was the BEST thing ever, laughing and cooing and generally living it up. JJ refused to get in the pool proper, opting to dabble about in the spa. I think we need to get some swimming lessons for these two, pronto - for Zoe because she will love love love it and for JJ to help him get over his fear.

The adults got to enjoy good conversation, hanging out in the pool and yummy food. All in all a wonderful weekend :)

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