Thursday, July 15, 2010

Empathy for toes

JJ is an exceptionally bright child, but he is also very empathic. I've been told that he will often offer comfort to crying children in his classroom, and I've observed how concerned he gets when his sister cries or when John or I hurt ourselves (stump our toes, etc.) always wanting to "kiss it!" He's pretty convinced that any amount of physical pain can be overcome with a carefully applied kiss - and in extreme cases, a band aid.

However, his little thoughtfulnesses continue to warm me. Yesterday I was doing some stretching before bed and explaining to him what I was doing (If I move like this, I can feel it here). I was doing the classic reach-forward-grab-your-toes hamstring stretch, minus the actual ability to grab my toes because my hamstrings are REALLY tight. I told him "And now I'm going to try to grab my toes. I can't ever seem to get them though." He got a very concerned look on his face, and quickly scrambled off the bed to land on the floor next to my feet. He reached forward and promptly grabbed my toes saying "Don't worry Mommy. I got your toes."

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