Monday, March 31, 2008

What have we come to?

It happened. My husband called me on his way home from his hunting trip and asked me how things went for the last two days. The first thing I thought to tell him was "JJ pooped today!" and John was ecstatic. How very depressing. This was rapidly followed by a report of how much sleep I hadn't gotten (the little man decided 3am was a good party time) and how much breast milk I'd managed to express. The saddest part about all this is that I did lots of interesting adult things this weekend (met friends for lunch, cooked a birthday dinner for another friend), but the part I thought to tell him and I thought would be most interesting had to do with baby input/output and sleep patterns. I *really* need to get out more. I've noticed in my conversations with other people that they tend to interrupt me an unusual number of times. I suspect I must be just babbling on as I over compensate for not talking to adults all day long. I'm sure this will change when I get back to work - but it sure gives me a lot of sympathy for stay at home moms. How do they do it and still manage to hold intelligent discourse?!?!

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