Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Poop Report

Once again, I find myself obsessing over my son's defecation schedule. It had been 5 days since he last had what is technically known in academic circles as a "poopy diaper". We were getting really worried after 3 days - so we called the doc and they said to give him 1 oz prune juice diluted with 1oz of water. So we did that yesterday, and then of course I read on the internet afterwards that babies can't digest fruit juice this early. ACK! And then I read I should give him Karo syrup or wiggle a thermometer in his rectum....apparently everyone has a solution for this. Finally, there were several sites that said this is totally normal and he's just getting better at processing his food. I guess no one really knows, but I found several other sites recommending the prune juice option, so I decided not to panic about possibly damaging my poor delicate little baby boy's internal bits.
Well, today he finally decided to let loose and my goodness had he been saving up! It was the consistency of peanut butter (GROSS!), and plentiful. Hooray for poop! (boy, I never thought I'd say that...)

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