Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another ultrasound

So here we are at 7.5 weeks with another ultrasound at the doctor's check up. Everything looks good, strong heartbeat of 167! Go go go little jelly bean!

It's interesting to compare with my last pregnancy at 7 weeks - so many similarities and yet differences too. I've had much worse morning sickness (should be called all day sickness!) this time. I'm nauseated most of the day, especially if I forget to eat enough. I've got nutty cravings for potstickers all the time! And while coffee and tea smell divine, one sip and I'm running for the bathroom.

They had to do a mandatory STD test at the dr's yesterday and ugh - I ended up with some viscious cramps afterwards. Poor John had all kinds of doctor appointments for his arm (since he detached a bicep), but I ended up stealing his exam table so I could get my feet up. Blech. All better now.

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