Thursday, May 7, 2009

15 month appointment

Time continues to fly by as our little man just gets bigger and bigger.
Stats for the 15 month appt.

Height: 31 inches
Weight: 22lbs
Head: 18 inches (and a bit)
Teeth: 13 and still working on more (yikes)
He can say lots of words (milk, book, more, read, dog, woof, cat, meow, baa, neigh, water, mama, dada, this, that, toes, door, out, help, go....and that's just ones I remember at the moment!) and he's getting very good with his signing (milk, more, help, please, read/book, up, down, potty, bath, all done).  He puts together phrases with the words he knows too, like "read book" or "more book" or "more milk" or "out door".  What an amazing kid!

The doctor said he was right on track and "remarkably mature for 15 months." Apparently, the fact that he listens to us and can be reasoned with (for example, he was upset about getting weighed and we told him that it would be over shortly and then he could get a big hug from Daddy - and he settled down right away.)  is unusual for this age.  Who knew? He's growing up fast, that's for sure. 

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