Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Week 7 and cruisin' along

Here we are at week 7 with no problems so far. The frequent urination is a bit of a pain (up and down all night), sore/tender breasts, and I keep getting a persistent pain, like a running cramp, in my side, but otherwise all is well.
I'm keeping my weight pretty steady right now which is good - since I was overweight before I got pregnant, it's important that I keep my weight gain under control for the health of the baby. I'm not dieting, just watching what I eat carefully: cereal and fruit for breakfast with a glass of milk, salad and soup for lunch (actually, I can only finish half of it usually, so I save the 2nd half for my afternoon snack) and something with lean protien for dinner. I've lost my sweet tooth and my taste for coffee, so that's been a blessing.

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