Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to wake a sleeping baby

Babies (at least ours) seem to be able to sleep through all sorts of things: being moved around, major construction, house cleaning, and other loud noisy things that would wake the average adult. However, there are some very specific things that will guarantee the baby will wake up.
To wake your baby:

1) Put him in his crib (baby will fall asleep anywhere but will wake up as soon as you try to put him some place safe and convenient)
2) Contemplate having sex (baby will wake up while you are undressing)
3) Take a shower (baby will wake up while you are washing your hair)
4) Eat. (baby will wake after you have prepared food, plated it, and sat down with a cold drink - but before you actually take a bite)
5) Watch a movie (baby will wake in the middle of any important dialog or complex plot development)
6) Make a phone call. (if you made the call, baby will wake when the person on the other end picks up. if you answered the phone, baby will wake when the person on the other end finished the pleasantries and is about to tell you why he/she called.)


Becky Madison said...

Oh, I love it!!! What a great list. :-)

Alisa at CA said...

Hilarious!!! Every single one of those has happened to me, but #4 rings especially true. I can't tell you how many plates of food I've had to abandon because "the baby woke up." LOL!