Monday, December 17, 2007

Strange smell follow up

So, the check they did last week showed it wasn't amniotic fluid. But I still had it going on this week so they checked for other stuff and it's bacterial vaginitis. According to my doc, it's nothing serious, especially since I'm in the 3rd trimester, but that it was important to treat it. So, they gave me antiobiotic cream (same form factor as what you get for a yeast infection) that I have to apply before I go to bed tonight and that's that. According to the pamphlet they gave me, this is the most common vaginal infection you can get. To diagnose it, they check a) the color/consistency of your vaginal secretions, b) the acidity of the secretions c) the smell of the secretions, and d) they look at the sample for certain cells that are a clue to the presence of BV.

If you suspect you have this, make sure they test you and don't just brush it off as "typical strange pregnancy stuff" - mine didn't smell fishy, but it was still BV. And other than the smell, I had no symptoms.

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