Wednesday, December 5, 2007

3D/4D Ultrasound: The Baby-in-the-Womb Whisperer

So John and I go in for our 3D/4D ultrasound. I get up on the table and she starts looking. After a few minutes she says "Sorry - he's turned towards the back. Drink this gatorade and walk around until you feel him turn then come back." So, up I get and down I drink and around I walk and after 15 minutes "fwump" he turns. Hooray. Back in, getting up on the table "fwump" he turns back. D'oh! John says "Shhh...don't tell her..." just as the technician walks back in.

"Well, get back to walking." she says. "Just tell me where he is and where you want him" John tells her. "What're you going to do? Reach up in there and yank him out?!?!" she asks (ha ha). "Just trust me." he says. So she tells us he's head down, facing my spine and need to turn around to face my belly. John takes a deep breath and claps his hands together loudly, rubbing them to build up the energy then puts his hands on my belly. "Fwump" - the baby turns right over to face John's hands. "Whoa - that's cool!" she says and starts recording pics. Each time the baby would start to turn over again, John would move his hands and sure enough, the baby would face him (and give him a few kicks too).

I told John he is the Baby-in-the-Womb Whisperer! :)

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