Friday, October 22, 2010

Dead T-Rex

JJ has a small plastic T-Rex dinosaur. Last night he runs up to John with this exchange:

"Oh no! Daddy. The T-Rex dead."
"Where JJ?"
"Over der, on de floah. Yoo needta kween him UP!"
"What shold we do with him, JJ?"
"Lay him DOWN. Over heah, onna couch. No not like dat! Onna piwwow."
"How did the Trex die, JJ"
"He jus' dead. Iss veree sadt."
"But what happened to him?"
"I not know. Oh no. Trex deadt."
"Will he be better tomorrow?
"Yeah... HEY! Lookat dis, Daddy!"

And indeed, the T-Rex was up and around and attempting to bite Zoe's head this morning. Apparently he's familiar with Monty Python's Holy Grail (I think I'll go for a walk...) ;)

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