Friday, March 19, 2010

OMG - 8 hours!!

Thankyou Zozo!! She slept 8 hours last night! WHOOHOO!

Yesterday was...well, it started off with a night of Zoe getting up every hour and a half. Then JJ's pullup had a total fail during the night - TWICE. So, that's two bed changes (he's sleeping with us, so it's not just changing his sheets, it's changing ours). Then the dog throws up in her crate. Needless to say, getting ready for the day was less than pleasant.

Now this morning....well, JJ had another pull up fail, but it didn't happen until I was already up for the day, plus I got 7 hours of sleep last night (thankyou Zoe!), so it didn't seem quite so tragic. The dog threw up again, this time on the carpet in the living room and one of the cats also threw up, but in the den (just to make sure we have to clean ALL the carpets). Sigh.

But I can't be too upset - it's hard to be down when you've had enough sleep for a change!

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