Monday, March 1, 2010

House of plague

Ugh. February has been a month of sickness at our house. First Zoe comes down with RSV (basically bad case of the sniffles for her - nothing too serious), then JJ gets a cold, then John and I get a cold (bad enough we both need steroids and antibiotics) then JJ gets diarrhea and is home for several days and John's cold gets bad enough he has to sleep in the chair because his uvula is choking him. Then the next week JJ gets a stomach bug (starts throwing up in the middle of the night), gets over it in a day, then John and I get the same bug (bad enough we had to call a neighbor to help us out at 4am because I was in danger of throwing up on the baby while I fed her and John was totally incapacitated - Nancy is an ANGEL!!). We get over that and JJ and John both get really awful diarrhea the following week. Poor JJ has been home from school almost 3 weeks out of the 4 in February and the rest of us have been the walking dead. Zoe is the only one who's flown through it all without much fuss. Boy I hope that is behind us!

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