Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Potty training update

In the words of his teacher, JJ is "unique" in his approach to potty training. Apparently, since we've used elimination communication with him, he's got a completely different approach to the potty than most children they've dealt with.

For one, he totally gets it - that is, he knows that you eliminate in the toilet. It's not scary, novel, or at all interesting to him - it's just the way life his. OK, that's good, you say. Yeah...but...apparently a lot of conventional potty training techniques rely on the "Wow isn't this a cool new thing you're doing" approach. Not effective for someone who has "been there, done that." Similarly, a reward system (stickers, M&Ms, etc.) isn't particularly effective because he's like "Uh...why am I getting something for what I do all the time anyway?"

Two, because he's been part-time elimination communication, part time diapers, he looks at going in the potty as an "option". Meaning, well, if it's convenient, I'll go in the potty, but if it's not, well, pants are just as good. It's very interesting in some way because he is nearly 100% dry when we go out, whether it's the mall, or to eat, or in the car or whatever. But when he's at home or daycare - more like 50% dry.

So, it's slow going, but we're getting there. This week he's been VERY good - I'd say edging up to a 70% success rate. I'd love to take credit for that, but I think he's just getting tired of people changing his pants all the time. LOL! And honestly, it'll take as long as it takes - I don't want to push him and I don't really find it frustrating or anything.

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