Monday, November 30, 2009

Belly Measurement!

I'm a little behind on these this pregnancy (what with a toddler and work and a dissertation and all :) ) - so here goes.
Current belly measurement (at 36 and a bit weeks): 44 3/4 inches - I made it to 46 inches two weeks before JJ was due, so sounds right on track (even if I FEEL huger)
Weight: 215lbs (that's a gain of an even 25lbs for the total pregnancy)

Grow baby grow!

I am on self-prescribed bed rest today due to having some nasty cramps this morning and some contractions on top of that. Pretty sure it's just dehydration from the weekend (I tried, but just didn't get enough water in me). Feeling a bit better now, although still nauseated and and achy in my lower back.

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