Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day dinner

We have a tradition that every Valentine's Day, rather than eating out, we stay home and cook a really amazing meal together.  This works out particularly well since both John and I love to cook.  This year, John grilled a delicious grass-fed T-bone and roasted some yummy rosemary garlic fingerling potatoes.  I made a truffled mushroom ragout and some roasted orange glazed asparagus.  A little boiled shrimp as an appetizer and some purchased creme brulee for dessert - voila!

We've been making a point of giving JJ what we eat so he can participate in dinner and be exposed to the variety of foods that make up the family palate.  The more different and exciting tastes, the less likely that he'll be super pickly later.  At least that's the hope.  So, tonight was no different.  And he absolutely LOVED all of it.  He could not get enough of the mushrooms and ate the asparagus and steak like it was going out of style.  When he got a little bite of the creme brulee, his eyes lit up and he pointed at the spoon and with a most serious tone exclaimed "Dat!"  which, in JJ talk is "I would definitely like some more of that please." And all this after he turned up his nose at the goldfish crackers at daycare on Friday.  That's my boy!

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