Sunday, February 8, 2009

One Whole Year

Well, today's the day.  The little man is one year old - no longer a baby, now a toddler.  He's had his first taste of cake (thought it was pretty tasty, but wasn't overwhelmingly enthusiastic), and soon he'll be walking.  

On my "mommy boards" someone asked what our goal would be with regards to our little ones during this next year.  So many things came to mind - how I want to make sure he is exposed to a variety of foods in a welcoming and non judgemental atmosphere so he can learn good eating habits, how I want to take pictures of him every week because he changes so quickly, how I want to make sure he sees his grandparents and aunt and uncles often...  But here's what I settled on:

To remember when I interact with him that he is a person, albeit a short one that doesn't speak very clearly, and to show him respect and not try to force him to do things just because I'm bigger and in a hurry.

I think that will be a tough one, but worth it.

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AlePancha said...

So so smart, I think.
Thanks for sharing.

And happy belated Birthday!
Feliz Cumpleaños!!