Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Teething Myths

As poor lil JJ has only 2 teeth so far (on the bottom, like a little upside down rabbit) we know we've got lots more to go.  And with all the DROOL and fussiness and a host of other things that indicate we'll be seeing more cuspids any moment, I definitely have teething on the brain.  Well, one of the ladies on the babyfit board posted this really interesting site about the myths of teething:

OMG - some of this stuff is too funny!  But I guess maybe I ought to let the dog lick his face more often ;)

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Anonymous said...

Too funny! And do you have any donkey back hair to fend off teething pain? I can hear JJ now, "Dear Santa... all I want for Christmas is...".

Thanks for sharing!!

Bmad :)