Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Standing without help - or anything to pull up on!

John and I were running around this morning, getting ready to go to work and had plopped JJ in the pack n play (playpen) while we took care of a few things.  He's playing quietly, sort of talking to himself and all of a sudden it gets really quiet.  John walks in and I here "OhmyLord!"  I come running in and JJ is standing there in his playpen smiling at us.  Standing.  Now, there's NOTHING in the playpen for him to grap onto - it's a mesh side affair with no bars or anything like that inside.  So how the #@% did he get standing up?!?!  Yikes!  John is going to have to get moving on the childproofing!


Little Miss Maia said...

That is unreal!! Good for him, and yes, get going on that babyproofing!

Anonymous said...

Way cool!!! Babies never cease to amaze... especially JJ. Can't wait for him to join us on our GRT tonight!


BeccaD4wn said...

We have solved the mystery! Apparently he gets on his knees, then walks his hands up the side, leaning into it until he can get his finger tips to the top of the pack and play then pulls himself up the rest of the way. What a little adventurer!

AlePancha said...

how cool! they master new skills every day, it's amazing!
Hurray JJ!!