Thursday, July 3, 2008

Visiting great granddad

We are currently up at my pappa's house on Table Rock Lake in Shell Knob, MO, visiting. JJ got to meet his great grandfather (my pappa) for the first time and the hit it off after a couple of false starts. At first, JJ was a little fussy, but after my dad showed pappa how to hold the little guy (facing out - he hates to be snuggled like a baby unless he's *really* tired), they got along great! Pappa took him out on the porch and they just sat there, swinging in the glider, looking out at the lake and woods, Pappa singing songs to him, for hours. Too cool!

In fact, this has been the "sing to JJ" trip - John and I always sing to him, but on the drive here he was soooooooooooo fussy (1.5 hours of crying nonstop in OK with nowhere to pull over?), we ended up singing to him in the car nearly the whole ride. Then, when we got here, anyone who picked him up would start singing to him - my mom, dad, granddad... his cousin Ben (5 years old) even sang to him at one point! Fun stuff :)

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AlePancha said...

singing! one of the many hidden joys of motherhood... you end up singing no matter how good or out of tune!