Wednesday, July 23, 2008

La Leche Conference

My sister came to Dallas this weekend to attend the La Leche League conference. She's looking into becoming a lactation consultant which is totally cool. She was invaluable in helping me with JJ when he first got here. I'm way more comfortable with her advice than any random stranger and she's so good about being non-judgemental and such. She got JJ and I cool shirts too! Mine is a black nursing tank that says Supply and JJ's is a little white tank that says Demand. Too funny!!

They had lots of really neat sessions at the conference including all sorts of medical studies. She got to meet some of the founding members and talk to them too. One of the gals told her this story that just cracks me up. Apparently she was on a plane, traveling in the crowded coach section next to a woman and her baby. The baby started to fuss, obviously hungry and the woman was looking a bit concerned about nursing in a very crowded plane. She told the lady who she was and to go ahead that it was totally cool. Meanwhile, the guy on the otherside of this woman was getting really uncomfortable realizing there was about to be breastfeeding right there next to him on the plane. The gal from the LLL leaned over and said "Sir, I can see you're uncomfortable with this woman nursing. I'm sure she has a blanket in her diaper bag and would be happy to give it to you to put over your head until she's done." LOL!!! That is classic.

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