Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Angry, upset, and scared

So, I've been really horribly sick since Friday night - coughing, sneezing, low grade fever, running nose, terrible sore throat, the whole nine yards. I went to ER Centers on Sat to get checked out and they said "yup you got a cold - take some Tylenol." Then I called my doc on Monday just to follow up, because that's what I'm supposed to do, and the nurse said, "yup you got a cold, take some Tylenol."
Then yesterday, I'm coughing and get up to go pee (because it's been like an hour and Lord knows I can't go longer than that between trips to the bathroom) and there is brown blood in my panties. ACK!!!! So I immediately call the doc and the little receptionist gal says "It's probably just a UTI - maybe you should get it checked out." I'm like - what? That makes no sense, so I try to explain to her again (bad cold, lots of coughing, late term miscarriage, frightened pregnant woman here) and she said, well maybe you should go to the ER. Maybe? So, I press her further - if I'm going to the ER, I want the DOCTOR to call me back and tell me to go. She says she'll have a nurse call me back.
So I wait. And wait. AND WAIT. No one calls me back. At all. So today I finally call them again and they try to tell me that the little twit "explained that it was normal so she didn't think anyone needed to call you." What!?!?! You told me someone was going to call me back after suggesting I go to the ER and that was normal? I don't think so. I explained the facts of life to them (ie, told me you were going to call and didn't) and they apologized, but were not terribly sincere. I've had no further bleeding, so I am going to wait until my doc appt on Monday and then they are getting an earfull.
I have been so careful not to "overreact" to anything that I got YELLED AT by my doc when I had some contractions and didn't call right away because I didn't think it was a big deal (I was right, btw). So, now, following doc's orders, I call about anything out of the ordinary (like BLOOD) and I get treated like an oversensitive idiot because I actually expect a reasoned answer instead of a bunch of "maybe" and "probably" 's. I am not happy. I am sick. I am worried about my baby. And I am pissed off at being treated like I'm simple.

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