Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Toddler Fevers and Rash

So this past week has been a nail biting adventure in toddler health issues.  First, the set up - 3 weeks ago, JJ was diagnosed with an ear infection.  Then Zoe got pink eye.  Then John got strep.  So, when Sunday rolled around, everyone was on some form of antibiotics, except for me (and Zoe who had just finished her eye drops).  Sunday afternoon, Zoe wakes up from her nap with a fever of 102.  Oh crap, here we go.

Monday morning Dr. visit: They examine her and she has a double ear infection.  Still running a fever of 100 even with ibuprofen and is generally miserable.  Prescribe antibiotics.
Tuesday afternoon: She breaks out in a rash all over.

Wednesday morning Dr. Visit: Still has rash and fever.  Dr. thinks it's probably viral, but she's also complaining of leg pain, neck pain, and the ibuprofen isn't helping the fever.  He sends her for blood and urine tests (she's also saying her tummy hurst right before she pees).  She is a total trooper and doesn't even flinch when they do the blood draw!

Wednesday night: Fever finally breaks.

Thursday morning: Still has rash all over.  It gets worse when she is hot - swells up slightly. Behavior continues to be somewhat subdued, but better than previous.

Friday-Sunday: Behavior is still subdued, but getting more normal. Still no fever.

Sunday night: While helping her wash her hands, I notice small red dots on the back of her hand:

I have been reading LOTS about rashes and recognize these as petechiae. This is the one type of rash to be really worried about.  So, we call the after hours nurse who tells us to take her to the ER.  

Turns out the petechiae, in this case, were caused by her blood draw on Wednesday. Thank goodness!  She is sent home and we are told to keep an eye on her for lethargy etc.

So, bottom line, nothing serious, but lots of stress for everyone involved because it kept looking like it might be something serious.  And the medical professional kept saying "It's good you brought her in" because a lot of what we saw *could* have been life threatening. Thank goodness it wasn't.

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