Thursday, July 30, 2009

18 months next week and ready to tutor

JJ is in the process of transitioning from the 3-17 months class to the 18-36 months class this week. There's a little boy in the 18-36 month class that just turned 3 and is transitioning up to the 3-5yr class. So, they've got all these learning materials out for them both that are for the class they are transitioning to. The teacher spreads out these flash cards with sea animals on them (whales, manatees, sharks, etc.) for the older child and asks him to point to the manatee. He's having some trouble, can't seem to find it. So, JJ walks over from where he is working and leans over the child's shoulder and points at the manatee saying "tee, tee" WOW! The teacher was totally blown away and so was I. My little man, already a tutor :)

He's doing so amazingly well with all the work they have, and not just the language stuff - he can even clean windows with a squeegee and he's learning to polish his shoes!! He is so smart - makes his mamma proud :)

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Becky Madison said...

That's just so cool! Soon he'll be pointing out animals that only oceanographers would be able to identify. I can hear it now.... "Inimicus"!