Friday, June 5, 2009

Walk, Bar, and other words

I don't even remember when JJ couldn't talk. It seems like he's been chatting up a one word at a time storm forever now! He's so excited he's figured out how to make himself understood that he just about explodes with joy every time you "get" it. My two favorites (because he get soooo excited) are "bar" (as in cereal bar - which he doesn't get very often but LOVES) and "walk" (as in, taking a walk around the block in the stroller, which we do daily). He'll try his best to crawl into the stroller chanting "walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk..." you just have to love it.

He's also started to find humor in slapstick. John will pretend to hit himself in some excessively silly way and JJ will laugh so hard he'll actually choke himself! When he finally catches his breath, he'll look expectantly at John and say and sign "more?" I guess there are 3 stooges movies in my future...sigh...

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