Sunday, December 14, 2008

Extreme Nursing! Or How To Get Milk To Come Out of Your Nose

Ever since JJ has been able to sit up successfully on his own, he's started trying new positions for nursing.  He'll twist and turn and try anything to get a new angle on things.  Currently I've been nursing him laying down on my side (easier to keep distractions to a minimum for Mr. Bright and Shiney moment) so his latest trick is to stand ON HIS HEAD while he nurses. Sort of like a downward dog yoga position with a face plant on the breast.  The other day he was doing this and sits up, smacking his lips, pleased as peach and I see - I am not making this up - milk coming out of his nose.  And I didn't even have to tell him a joke :)

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Baby Nursing mom said...

I'm trying to get my son to nurse while i lay on my side but hes not even a month old yet and is a little picky. My son has been spitting up thru his nose since he was born! too funny