Friday, August 22, 2008


Salto arrived today! This is the 2nd toy I've gotten for JJ. He has so many toys from other folks, I've hesitated to buy him anything. The first thing I got him was Piro, an absolutely wonderful wodden clutching toy from Haba. It is his absolutely favorite toy! So, I was making some purchases from Amazon and saw Salto (also from Haba) - a great little chew ring/rattle made from wood. So far, it's a huge hit! I love that he gets such a kick out of the wood toys and seems to like it better than plastic stuff.


Anonymous said...

Got to love Haba! We get ours at Landbridge Toys.

AlePancha said...

looks like an awesome item! Sure he'll have tons of fun.

Salto in Spanish means JUMP or I JUMP...