Friday, June 6, 2008

Nursing Necklace - it's here!

John ordered me a nursing necklace and it arrived today. JJ *loves* it already and so do I. John got me the "Earth Angel" one and it looks really nice. JJ immediately grabbed onto it while nursing and started playing with it. It couldn't have come at a better time - I've been getting pretty beat up during our nursing sessions! Yesterday, he managed to get a hold of a fistful of my hair (ow!) and he routinely pinches my breasts while eating (ow!) I'm so glad to have something his busy hands can grab that doesn't result in a bald patch on my head ;)

I hope it will help him concentrate better too - lately he's been having "bright-and-shiny" sessions where he'll eat for a minute, pull off and look around (as in "ooh, what was that bright and shiny thing?") then eat for a minute, pull off and look around, repeat ad infinitum. It got so bad the other day, he actually didn't even re-latch in between distracting himself! He just moved his mouth back towards the nipple and before he latched on he got distracted again and whipped his head back around to see Lord-only-knows-what going on behind him. I told him that a) he's going to get whiplash doing that and b) this is currently his only job around here, and unless he wants to start cleaning toilets, he'd better concentrate. I don't think he was listening though.

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