Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fetal non-Stress Test for Mr. Overactive

When I got to 30 weeks, the doc told me to start doing fetal kick counts every day. You are supposed to get 10 movements in an hour. Well, Mr. Overactive - aka, our son - manages to get 10 in 10 minutes every day. I time him morning (when I first get up) and at night (right before I go to sleep) because it's easy - count to 10 in 10 minutes or less. Well, this morning was different. I wake up, and he's giving me 2 in the first hour and 10 in the next 30 minutes. Hmmmm...I am vaguely concerned, but not overly so. But, being the good scientist that I am and having been told by the doctor to "report anything different" I call the office and tell them. They seem puzzled as to why I called, so I just reiterate what the doc says.

3 hours later they call me back and send me to L&D for a fetal non-stress test. This involves strapping a couple of monitors to me to make sure the baby isn't in any kind of distress. It took hardly any time at all - in fact, John was still checking me in when they told me I could go home. They said it was good I had called, but apparently the baby was just having a sleepy day. He's certainly making up for it now!

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